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by whoneedsaname

The change begins with a dot in my eye, A bloodied full-stop Caught hiding in the mirror

I put on dark glasses So I don’t have to see it.

Downstairs, a headache Furthers the confusion.

Below my glasses, The dot bulges And explodes to a splatter.

On the street, Vanilla and coffee Smother me in the wind.

Beneath my skull, Pain continues to bloom.

Beside me, Blank-stared mannequins stand in line,

Silent yellow-skirt soldiers Shooting me down with vacant smiles That zero in with rayon precision.

I stoop and cower, Bobbing forward for shelter.

The red in my eye expands, Hemming my iris in a ring of fire

Hollow spines puncture me from within. I writhe and lurch with pain.

Staggering on, I break out Into glaring sunlight

My fingers open at a spasm And I'm filled with air

Giddy and floating In an ecstasy of shock

Red engulfs both my eyes And my skirt erupts in a purple glow.

I shriek, my form contorting And sprouting ash-grey plumes

Agony blurs my eyes. I do not see, But feel

As wings unfold And I escape into the sky.

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