What do I do
What do I do depression stories

whoknowsreally Lost in the thoughts, found in the words
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One of the many inspired by the war in my own dark mind.

What do I do

What do I do When these dark thoughts Won't leave me alone?

Do I put on my music So loud I can't hear myself Until even the loudest of screams are dead?

What do I do When my wants and needs Are no longer more than simple wishes?

Do I go out in the sun To feel the warm air Until I feel like I can breathe again?

What do I do When even my own mind Makes me feel imprisoned?

Do I watch my screen endlessly So I can hope that even now I can still be saved?

What do I do When even I have no clue And no longer feel in control?

Do I force myself To pretend to be okay Just so I can feel normal again?

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