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whoknowsreally Lost in the thoughts, found in the words
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A little poem I wrote for today's challenge! Very lighthearted this time :)

Paradise Hill

I open my eyes and see

Beautiful greens and pretty flowers

A tiny little path paved

A tree here

A tree there

I point my ears and hear

The melody of the birds

The creaking of the frogs

The slight sound of water running

I stretch my legs and walk

The wind running through my hair

The sandy path crunching under my feet

The hill welcoming me with its warmth

I lie down and relax

The bright sun on my skin

The scent of nature filling my nostrils

The feeling of grass prickling through my clothes

As I enjoy all these sensations

As I enjoy all these sensations I wonder

Won't you let me stay here forever, dear hill?

In this peaceful paradise

Let me know what you thought <3

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