Will you, Mother?
Will you, Mother? mother stories

whoknowsreally Lost in the thoughts, found in the words
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A poem inspired by my mother, I haven't really seen or spoken to her in over two years and I miss her dearly. Today's challenge inspired me to write about her.

Will you, Mother?

Will you ever come back to me, Mother?

When I need you the most

Will you ever hold me again, Mother?

When my thoughts won't leave me alone

Will you protect me again, Mother?

When the world becomes too much for me

Will you love me again, Mother?

When I'm not the little girl you wanted me to be

Will you ever be here again, Mother?

When every day is a day without you

Will you ever see me again, Mother?

When it's getting harder to remember your face

Will you even talk to me again, Mother?

When we haven't talked in years

Will you miss me too, Mother?

When I miss you more each day

Will you ever come back to me, Mother?

When I love you so.

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