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whoknowsreally Lost in the thoughts, found in the words
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I saw my mom again after a very long time. Inspired by our meeting. For those interested, there's a little message at the end about it ^^
Thank you all for reading <3

Memory Lane

Strange sensations going through

Looking at sights I've seen before

Something familiar but somehow unknown

As I silently ride the bus to memory lane

Seeing you slightly in the distance

Feeling incredibly anxious but happy nonetheless

Taking one step forward as I reach the cold pavement

As I shakingly leave the bus to memory lane

You hold me with wishful arms

Taking me in your strong hopeful embrace

Getting familiar once again with the feeling of you

As I desperately go back to memory lane

Walking with you side by side

Seeing your smile meeting mine

Feeling your love is still the same

As we go together to memory lane

Backstory: Some of you might know from one of my other works (Will You, Mother?) that I have not been in regular contact with my mom for over 2 years. I had not seen her for a very long time, I'm not even sure for how long.

Now, since the new year started it seems both of us had made up our minds to seek contact again; I saw my mom again for the first time in years a few weeks ago. It was absolutely nerve-wrecking, as me and my mom did not part ways on good terms.

However, it went incredibly well and I didn't expect to have such an amazing time with her. Me and my mom still have a long way to go, but I'm happy that I can share the fact we're in contact again and I'm talking to her more regularly already. Happy is an understatement.

Thank you all for reading <3

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