As Death Calls For Me

As Death 
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!!!Trigger warning!!! Inspired by my previous experience.
Worldwide suicide hotlines:

As Death Calls For Me

As Death calls for me

I look around for a way to flee

Hoping to find even the tiniest sight

Of someone who can still fight

I crawl on the floor

Reaching for that far end door

Struggling all I can to ignore

As Death calls for me once more

I shout and shout

Of all I'm hurting about

However all my screams

Are no longer here it seems

My voice now weak

No longer able to speak

Reaching out with both hands

To try and reach safe lands

I reach the door and pull

Only to notice this happy place is full

I knock one more time to no avail

I guess they don't care that I'm in jail

No room here for poor trapped me

Not welcome with my reality

Maybe I'll pour them a cup of my black tea

So they'll know what it's like to not be free

I feel the strength leave my legs

When I silently hear my own begs

Giving up on who I could be

As Death calls for me

For anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts or in fear of a dear one: Please contact the appropriate helplines (see link) and make sure to share what you're feeling with the ones you trust <3 No matter what, life is too precious to give up!

Thank you all for reading. Let's make this world a little better, together :3

Don't let your mind win!

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