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Just a silly story.


On a very enticing and memorable morning, he was walking through, like every other stories, he saw her and fell in love with her.

He used to believe that these kind of feelings are just ephemeral. But on that day, all his thoughts were changed.

Months passed away, they both became best friends. His feelings for her became immense than expected. They both used to talk a lot, shared even single thing they did, no matter how silly it was.

His life now had everything.

But life is not that perfect, what it looks like. One day, he came to know about her feelings for him, which were obviously, very different. His heart got crippled away.

His life, all of a sudden became dull.

He went to his balcony, with a deep inflict in his heart. He thought his life became senseless. Tears falling from his eyes, doldrums scattered on his face, he closed his eyes and jumped..

to his bed and slept away.

He still remembers her and all those indelible memories. But now, he doesn't get carried away.

"Feeling are left intimate. For someone it matters and, For someone it doesn't!".

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