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Distances are more painful


Clock running, just few seconds remaining for a new day. Ceiling fan in its maximum potential, books cluttered on the table.

Aryan, a 17 y/o boy grabs his Smartphone texts something, "tick...Tick...Tick" waiting for something unnoticeable. Smartphone rings...its Vertika on call.

It's been 2 months since they were talking. A big smile on his face, completely satisfied says "hey", gets a reply "and say". Things have become little complicated from last two...Three days; Aryan remembers his first meeting with Vertika.

On an ordinary boring day Aryan, a boy with no interest in his school life walks out with few friends. In a hurry, Vertika rushes in her classroom.

Aryan gets lil' distracted as her classroom was just in front to that of Aryan .A lil' short girl with cute spectacles on her beautiful face, walks in... "Hello...Hello...

are you there?" says Vertika, Aryan replies "ya...Yeah, and how was your day" by questioning gets him into a thought. "When's your last day?" Aryan asks, "tomorrow ..." Vertika replied.

Exactly, Vertika was leaving the school, Aryan had some deep feelings for her, which he was intend to deliver it on his last meeting with her, but wait!, what will happen after that?

, Aryan on call "Don't you think, you are leaving little early?" he asked. "Yeah, I know but we'll be friends after all" replied Vertika. Aryan with little disconsolately answered "yeah...

I think, like it will not be fine, like after you leave the school, your some memories will always be etch in me" after a few second's of onerous silence, "I know...

I will for sure, have some great memories with you, although we haven't met much" Vertika replied eruptly.

Aryan, little formally replied "let's see then what happens". That day, the call for sure ended but, there was still a call going on...

In depths of Aryan's heart which actually expressed his love and affection towards vertika, which was enormous than expected.

No doubt, Aryan was a little shy type of person, his shyness did stopped him to express his inflict pain of losing her.

He waited for her, with doldrums scattered on his face, wiped it up for his last goodbye to Vertika, a big smile on his face, said "I will miss you a lot", Vertika answered "me too buddy".

This was not as if it was looking like, Vertika was unaware of Aryan's feelings, nor do Aryan ever tried to express it.

Some stories are left incomplete, which is the only choice which we are left with......"Prattle".

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