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True Sacrifices are only made in love.

"Meet me here!"

Walking down the streets, with her shadow. Discovering every compact place, every commodity, filled with joy inside. Riya took a sip of her espresso, clamour of tapping walking stick, got her attention. She tried to chase the sound with her eyes.

A big smile on his face, eyes screened with black eyeglasses, struggling to get his drink, Riya grabbed the cup and offered him.

After a long and busy day, Riya reached her apartment. Working with the airlines, she used to get home at odd timings. But today something was unusual. Walking towards her flat, she noticed someone following her.

She quickly turned behind, Different from others, he was handsome, not perhaps in the conventional sense, but he had that appearence which would make him stand aside from the crowd.

"Why are you following me?!" She asked. A big smile, "I live out there, just in front of you!" He replied. "Oh, I'm really sorry, I didn't notice you!" She asked.

"Yeah, actually I'm like a free bird, gets out early and comes in early!" He replied. Riya smiled, "Coffee?!" She asked. "Yeah, sure" he replied.

Articulately able to express, thoughts, ideas and sharing working life and memories with their city, a long conversation went on..

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused, I think it's late" he replied. In a hurry, Riya asked "Are you free tomorrow?!", with a smile "Yeah I'm, let's hangout sometime" he replied.

This was just the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Days went on, both became best buddies, hanging out with..in the beautiful city they spend their quality time together.

Finally the day came, he proposed Riya. But, a broken heart can leave one feeling as it they have lost their rudder to the ship of their self, unfortunately she took him as a best friend.

"I'm sorry, please don't ruin our friendship!" said Riya. Leaving his feelings burried deep inside, "Yeah, I understand" he said.

Riya took her way to his house, wondering about the situation, with a blot everything shattered away, Riya met with an accident, to her Jinx, she lost her Vision.

She offered the cup, "That day, you left without even saying a goodbye. I searched for you, then I came to know..." blind man answered.

Riya started crying, "You know, the best of part of music, it can be felt even you're blacked out, just is the case with love", blind man said. "Why!..why you did this?!" crying in pain, Riya asked.

"Feelings are the only thing that's unchangeable, when you'll have love for me in your eyes, meet me here!" he smiled.

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