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Things were becoming the worst, as the intrusion of Covid-19 spread all over the world.

It all started from a small city in China, Wuhan. A Virus with such normal symptoms, tricked everyone with its existence. Taking, as normal symptoms for cold and cough, everyone ignored it.

But little did they knew that, these symptoms were just antecedent stage for a big enigma. Taking these issues, Government announced "Quarantine time".

With such a major step taken by the Government, all the citizens were ought to follow it.

Another long and boring morning, Kartik opened his window. With a cup of strong espresso, he glanced at his calendar. Believing in Monday Blues, he went on to his terrace.

Soft chirping of the birds, with rays of Helios little bright, he looked around. With such an onerous silence, nothing new to look at, he turned to step downwards.

In a trice, he noticed a chubby boy. With such an interest and enthusiasm, he was gazing out. The boy waved at Karthik, without even thinking, Kartik waved his empty cup.

Such a happy soul, made his day. He opened his laptop, and started working on his important project, assigned to him by his company.

For couple days, Kartik noticed that boy, everytime with a huge smile on his face, he used to wave at Kartik.

On another boring morning, he repeated his same schedule and went on to the terrace. But this time, something was missing, that window was closed nor the boy was visible.

Everyday, kartik's eyes used to look for that boy, but everytime the window was found to be closed.

Months passed away, cases of the deadly virus were increased. Kartik got busy in his assignments, without thinking much, he confined himself to his room.

Finally, all his assignments were over, to take a break he went to his terrace. With no hopes, he walked around for a while, and was about to go downstairs.

Suddenly, he noticed the same boy, with a pale face and feeble body, was looking outside.

Kartik raised his hand, the boy looked at him. Kartik, with his hand indicated a big smile, the boy smiled. That Million Dollar smile made kartik's day. This story is inspired by true story. That boy, actually survived the attack of this deadly virus. Together, let's eradicate this virus from our world, and make it better place to live.

"Every virus is detritus, unless you have the immunity of happiness".

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