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I woke up and went to my balcony. A wonderful morning, soft chirping of birds and bright Helios above the sky.

I rushed towards the kitchen. Dawdling, I hugged my mom. She kissed my forehead and told me to freshen up. My pet dogs waiting for me, showed great enthusiasm.

After playing for couple of minutes, I rushed to the garden. My father grabbed me, "your friend called, few minutes back!" He told.

I called him. After hearing for the Sunday special, a big smile on my face, I became excited. Waiting for the dusk, I got dressed up with my funky cloths.

My friends picked me up, within a few hours we reached our spot. Spending time with friends and family is always the best part of life.

I reached back home on time, watching daily soaps, my parents were looking perfect together. I just wished they stay happy like this forever.

Next morning, I got a call for my football trials. I rushed towards the city ground.

I was feeling little uncomfortable, ignoring everything I focused on my game. As a goalkeeper, all responsibility fell on my shoulders for saving the scoreboard of my team.

I noticed a striker running towards me, I felt something on my left ear, my legs became weak, I was feeling little dizzy. I lost control over my eyes, somehow I managed to open it.

I grabbed the soccer ball and fell on to the ground. Everything changed in a haste,

I noticed my mother crying, my father's face went pallid, my friends running towards me.

I wanted to give them a big hug. I could've told them, how much I loved them all. Memories flashing by, tears falling off the ground.

My eyes get closed...

Based on true events.

Stay home Stay Safe.

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