Tipsy Testimony By: Whitley
Tipsy Testimony

By: Whitley  drinking stories

whitleynatalief underrated, but I am ok with that✌🏾
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Tipsy Testimony is simply that. All my thoughts and everything that happened when I decided to drink and drive. Forever thankful.

Tipsy Testimony By: Whitley

I made the decision last night to drink and drive Unbeknownst to me God used this to take me on a spiritual ride Leaving Holt, my car swerving down Jack Warner from lane to lane Praying to God please let me make it home, as the alcohol flowed through my veins

In the distance I see the red lights illuminated Oh shit!,a road block, my stomach instantly nauseated My car’s speed reduces, I’ve made it just past Nucor now A transfer collided with a maroon pick up, asking myself how

The head of the 18 wheeler consuming 3/4th of the pick up truck Good Samaritans trying to open the drivers door but it’s stuck The potent scent of fuel fills the air Knowing the driver is dead, reality feeling like a nightmare

The police arrive and I finally leave Head pounding, heart racing, my thoughts interweaved Mind keep going back to seeing myself there mangled It could have been me wedged in between th truck, so God I’m just thankful

Thankful for your grace and your almighty power taking control Grateful for praise that witnessing the wreck put in my soul Appreciative for the vision that you allowed me to see Knowing someone lost a life and it could have easily been me

No more drinking trying to hide from the hurt that’s within Praying my way through because God you saw fit for me to have life again

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