Story Telling Eyes By:Whitley Fleming
Story Telling Eyes

By:Whitley Fleming thankful stories

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First poem I ever wrote, it was written to my daughter Ayanna. It’s a true story of our first encounter, from birthing her to seeing her for the first time. (Her head literally wouldn’t budge, they vacuumed her out)

Story Telling Eyes By:Whitley Fleming

I Remember the first time I looked into your eyes I was just a teen, young and afraid, having to give parenting a try

The excruciating birthing pains I felt didn’t touch my fear of being judge Thinking what would they say, I cried out because your head wouldn’t budge

After 14 wrenching hours of labor the nurse placed you on my chest, you arrived I stared deeply in your eyes, anxious and mystified, but mesmerized

Your eyes told a story, one I’d never read, each chapter increasing with hope and love Each page handwritten, because God’s grace is what you were made of

Transformer eyes radiating from a rich hazel at times morphing into a smoldering grey. Your pupils illuminated new beginnings at life, in spite of my life’s disarray.

Ayanna I’m thankful for you everyday, you’ve given me motherhood I was only 16, so please forgive me if I haven’t done everything a mother should

Your story telling eyes are still composing your book Continue to trust God, there is no telling how grand your next chapter will look

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