Skilled Laborer By: Whitley Fleming
Skilled Laborer

By: Whitley Fleming thank you stories

whitleynatalief underrated, but I am ok with that✌🏾
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My ode to God. Thank you for taking the time to love me. Thank you for forgiving me when I couldn’t forgive myself. Thank you for loving me just because. Without you I’d still be stuck in hurt with him making excuses. Settling for anything.

Skilled Laborer By: Whitley Fleming

It’s no secret that my heart has now been taken Once lost, confused, and my love was forsaken Broken pieces, subdued dreams, and shattered hope Would I ever find love that didn’t have the effects of bad dope

Paranoid, aggressiveness, addicted to his pain Loss of self control, impaired judgement, felt like my heart wouldn’t sustain.

He was like a drug, more like the dealer, I was chasing a high, he was selling me dreams. Crushed soul, cracked faith, wrecked self esteem.

He thought I was gone, demolished, but my foundation remained With Perseverance , you brought in brick by brick, building my house as if you were a mason well trained.

Trained as a potter, your genuine essence was the clay Taking time out to know me, you loved me despite my disarray

God you were crafted to build me up, you are my artisan You labored and tilled the land around me, you became my harvestman.

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