Ocean Breathes By: Whitley Fleming
Ocean Breathes

By: Whitley Fleming
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whitleynatalief underrated, but I am ok with that✌🏾
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This piece is my peace. Even when life has me consumed with all the “specific” problems I can find peace in the fact that God breathes life in me and has known me before I was in my mother’s womb.

Ocean Breathes By: Whitley Fleming

Submerged in the specific of life The waters stretch as far as my eyes can see It’s calmness feeds my soul with food unseen by the natural eye. Even as the tides beat against me And I became lost in the raging ripples of life’s hurricanes

I listen as each current whispers a tune only the free can hear. As the wind whirls, I hear a song of tranquility Peace’s percussion blaring the rich blues on repeat. The ocean breathes, and the water knows me by name

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