Battle Within My Armor By: Whitley Fleming
Battle Within My Armor
By: Whitley Fleming suit stories

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Battle Within My Armor By: Whitley Fleming

I am fully clothed in thy armor each morrow Thy knights alongside of me Yet before darkness consumeth me I become undressed.

I am suited for war, I placeth thy helmet upon my head. Yet where art thy protection when he speaks? Dost thy know thine ears still hear?

I am covered with strength of thy cuirass. Yet my vulnerability is unveilth by thine caress of my spine. Dost thy knowth thy enemy attackth from behind?

Whereas thine army? Prithee I beseech to thee for strength; thine enemy is strategic Verily thy charge ahead and my army dwindles.

I become cloaked in weakness as thine lance spears in me Thy faulds are removed, revealing my wetness Thy enemy conquerth my flesh, And I’m alone.

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