“One Sided”
“One Sided” love stories

whitetrashkid Just the boy you labeled...
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Just thinking about one sided relationships and how it seems those are the only ones I can find. Isn’t there one who truly loves me? I don’t know but I don’t believe it’s any of the gods.

“One Sided”

With enthusiasm someone said, “Friend god loves you!” In kind I responded, “Actions speak louder than words!” So forgive me when I say that I’m confused

Love requires action Love requires attention Love requires understanding Love requires respect Love requires kindness Love requires motion Love requires giving Love requires cultivation

All of which the god demands of the individual None of which he gives in return

Is this true love you speak of Or a one sided relationship? Is it a healthy relationship Or one of selfishness? Is it a relationship that makes my life fuller, blossom and grow Or one that causes me to wilt by ignoring my needs? Is it mental abuse? Is it a poor excuse of a mutually respectful relationship?

When you say god loves me is it because you don’t know how to respond when I question hatred, evil or the bad things in our world? Or because you don’t know what else to say when I declare my suicidal tendencies with conviction you do not grasp? Dear friend, “Do you think it helps?”

If I had a partner or even a friend that shows me love the way god does would you advise me to leave that relationship behind and pursue a new love, one that I deserve, one that is fulfilling and rewarding

God does not listen to me God ignores my needs God confuses me with false promises God gives me false hopes God abuses my mind God allows violence when he should prevent and protect God demands without giving God breaks my heart

God breaks my heart God receives but never gives God does not communicate openly and honestly God does not treat me equally God allows war God allows hate God refuses to acknowledge my value

God does not care that I need him to take action and show me that he loves me

So tell me please, “In what ways does god show me that his love for me is real?”

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