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A poem I wrote about a friend of mine I fell in love with.


I reach out of my chest and wrap my hands around a string

A string who pierces through my heart and soul

Soft, invisible, unmovable

It emits a gentle glow

Brighter than yours yet dimmer than most

With translucence plentiful

Though my string may be thin,

One wrong move away from tearing,

It silently entangles itself in many others

Pulling them together forever, yet leaving.

Behind me the string has a brighter glow,

More tangible than now,

Behind me the string has a brighter glow,

As it wraps around your glow and finally tears -

Or not, it is still there, unnoticed

As yours gets pulled by two others, yet mine

Makes not a dent

Yes, now that I look, it’s always the same

My thread wraps around others, though they’re unresponsive.

Desperate to pull yours to mine, I clasp my thread,

I pull it, try to move it...

It breaks.

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