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"Right before summer ends, a serial killer stalks his next unexpected visitor"


"Right before summer ends, a serial killer stalks his next unexpected visitor" , spoke the walkie- talkie on her shoulder. " I know the details, but I am trying to say that it is a dead end on the west's end too! I am going to view the South, over" she informed her partner.

As she walked, leaving behind her footsteps, she could hear the crackling of the leaves under the pressure of her feet. She looked up at the trees towering her, she felt like Jack looking up at the Beanstalk

She was always alert and careful of her surroundings and also scared to death as she wandered the remote forest by herself. "Even though i am the best officer in the station, why did they have to send me alone?" she inquired herself. She had a habit of talking to herself.

It was then she felt as if someone was watching her every move, or if someone was stalking her. "COME OUT WHOEVER YOU ARE!" she pleaded. Then, with the crackling of the bushes, someone jumped! She held her gun out, ready to shoot. " Who are you, and what is your business here?" she asked like a principal's voice quarrelling.

" Nice to meet you too.....I am Agent Kill, I am an undercover lumberjack trying the catch the serial killer that has been wandering in this mere forest, and may I ask you the same?" with his hands up in the air.

"Sorry, I am just an officer on duty, for the same reason as you. Maybe we should help each other out" he agreed. " The culprit's habitat is on the East's end, i searched the west, north and south's sides of this forest for the past week, nothing was found.

Today i was planning to search the east, lets go then shall we?" he said with a smile. A s they were travelling to the East's end, there was no words, she thought that it wasn't right to be all friendly to a stranger she just met in the bushes, would you?

They reached their destination on the end of the east's trail. They both saw a little hut in front of them. It was bare and dusty, but there was a little light on by the door. " It's going to be the full moon's time to shine in a few more hours, i say we hit the Z's now" he suggested with a yawn.

" I would stay up and keep a lookout, we will take chances, at 12:00 a.m, you will take the shift to keep a lookout, deal?" She nodded her head "12:00 am would be the end of summer .... so we would just be alert" he suggested.

They headed inside the old cottage. While she sat on one of the half broken chair, he whipped up some tea. " You seem to know this place as if it is yours", " I am accustomed since I live in one of these" he replied.

" Ohh ok, by the way, why is your name 'agent killer'?" she asked attempting to make conversation, it seemed as if she had gotten accustomed to his company. " Only because I kill anyone who comes in my way" he said with a smile. It was silence after, she had gotten a little scared.

After they drank their cups of tea, they went to bed, he on the floor and she on the mattress. She let down her guard and relaxed, closing her eyes, she got comfy under the blanket. She was fast asleep, and it hit 11:59 AM. She was struck with something cold through her stomach

She immediately opened her eyes, but her sight was blurry! She felt her stomach, her breath was shortening, she caught hold of a knife! She was stabbed with it! As her tears slowly trickled down her pale cheeks, she tried to pull the knife out, she was too weak!

" Oh no no sweetie" said a deep voice, it sounded like the stranger's. " you weren't supposed to be my victim but you just had to mind my business. Now where is the radio device of yours?..... AHA!

" Come in, this is Officer's whatever her name was, little friend. I just have one thing to say to you people.....time of death..... 12:00AM" he threw the radio device out the window before anyone replied. He then packed up and left just like that

Up to this day, I still don't remember my unexpected victim's name.......till next year, try to stay safe yeah?

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