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The story revolves around a protagonist named Kim Chul who is living with a family full of special agents & the events he has to face in his life because of these reasons. Will Kim Chul be surprised to know about his own secret family? For that just read the story. Story will be updated weekly.
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By: Whistle.

Secret Family-Ep1: Rush

by Whistle.

As always Kim Chul got up late in the morning & is being late for his school & he started his day again in a rush.

Mr.Kim: How many times I have told you to wake up early & this time I will not tolerate any more complaints from your teacher. She always complains about you that you are weak at studies & all.

See your elder sister & study from her.

Kim Chul: Sorry dad! I will not repeat it again.

Mr.Kim: Get ready fast leave for the school! Honey! I am leaving for work.

Kim Chul: Dad, Can't we go together?

Mr.Kim: We could but you will make me late too so for today you have to go alone champ. Okay! See you then at evening.

Mrs.Kim: Chul what are waiting for getting ready fast. I will set up the breakfast for you on the table come fast after getting ready.

Kim Chul: Okay mom! Anyway, where is Jennie?

Mrs.Kim: I know why you are looking for her.

( Kim Chul starts to struggle with words but asks in a rapid manner as counter effect).

Kim Chul: Then tell me why I'm asking for her?

Mrs.Kim: Isn't your maths & science homework the reason?

Kim Chul: Mom! How do you know? And yes you are right.

Mrs.Kim: But my dear son I & your dad told Jennie to not do you homework.

So hasn't done your work & you don't want to search for her now she had left earlier today for her hackathon at her university.

Kim Chul: Mom! What have you done today it's sure that I will receive punishment from Mr Thomson for not doing my assignment?

Mrs.Kim: And you should get that too! It's the result for being a lazy person. Now get ready & fast leave for the school.

(Kim Chul continues his daily regime & sets off to school. On the way to sees his best friend Akshay also running towards the school).

Kim Chul: Hey bro!!!

Akshay: What's up bro! Just run fast there's no time to waste.

Kim Chul: Why?

Akshay: Hey Chul! Are you serious? Don't you know today is our health check-up & first martial arts class that we enrolled ourselves previously.

Kim Chul: Oh shit! Now I came to remember I totally forgot about that!

(They run as fast as they can & reaches the class)

Kim Chul: Off! That was close anyway we got here bro.

Akshay: Yeah!Yeah! You are right( taking long breaths).

Kim Chul: Hey Akshay! Where are you going?

Akshay: I have been assigned to a different teacher & it's your training room

Kim Chul: Shit! Am I alone or others will be there too?

Akshay: There will be other students too.

(Saying this Akshay leaves for his class & Kim Chul opens the doors in front of him & stood shocked seeing the event happened).

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