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The story revolves around a talented musician who got swayed by the devil from a abandoned well connected to the underworld & the losses he had to face in his life

By: Whistle.

Rhythm of Devil

by Whistle.

About 100 years ago, there lived a musician named Wang Joon.

In his country, the musicians who were allowed to perform in front of the majesty & other royal officials were given high honour & respect above all of these they were paid very well too.

On the other hand, Wang Joon was a struggling musician, he tried his best to make good music but his luck never stood with him.

As time passed Wang Joon got married after marriage both the Wang Joon couple loved each other.

But as the time passed seeing Wang Joon miserable condition Wang Joon's wife said,

" Dear it's not working out please change the job what you are doing now your musical career is not rising as the time is passing it's being more miserable".

As Wang Joon was going through these circumstances then also he was not ready to leave his music behind. The time passed away like rain in a desert.

His wife got fed up of Wang Joon stubborn nature of sticking to music because of which she decided to scare him by hiding at the attic of the house & give him an image that she had left him

in the middle of the way of life & ran away.

After coming from outside after so much of searching when Wang Joon taught that his wife had left him as became of his wild imagination the sand under Wang Joon slid off.

For so many days he roamed here & there without eating & drinking but no result was found.

After so much walking Wang Joon started to feel thirsty & hungry but also his thirst to see his lovely wife was not over keeping the pain of heart inside,

hungry & tired Wang Joon continued walking. On his way, he met up with a monk. Monk after seeing Wang Joon condition he started asking what had happened to him.

Wang Joon told his story with tearful eyes. After hearing that the kind monk said," Lord Buddha will help you, my son".

As Wang heard this statement his mentality towards Buddha changed upside down. Then suddenly Wang Joon replied to the monk, "Hmm!!! Buddha will help me" & he started to curse Buddha very badly.

As Wang Joon started cursing the whole environment changed & seeing the weather monk understood that something bad was going to happen in the coming future & monk warned him.

After these all cursing Wang Joon just got away from there without listening to his advice.

After long hours of travelling, Wang Joon reached an abandoned house with a broken well in front.

Because of thirst he went near the broken well for some water,

after reaching there when he looked inside the well's water after seeing his pathetic condition as the reflection he started crying out loudly & again started to curse the Buddha

again suddenly the weather got worse & a thunderstruck inside the broken well & suddenly a big figure rose from the broken well.

As because of the smoke from the well Wang Joon was not able to see the figure clearly but as the smoked was gone Wang Joon was terrified. His speech was not coming out.

From the other side in a loud heavy voice," Yes! you are thinking right I am the master of hell & I am the devil.

Devil speaks," Sitting at hell I was not able to see your sorrow my friend but your buddha he receives your offering & ever done any works.

But I am not like that I will give you money, fame, your lost youth everything that you want & you have to fulfil my one request".

Wang Joon stood doubtful with silence & with fear on his face.

Suddenly, the devil places the other offer to Wang Joon that of a set of unique rhythm & his youth & he can also kill his wife for leaving him all alone.

The devil used all his might to burn the fire of anger inside Wang Joon & devil succeeded in what he wanted to do. And the devil made Wang Joon sign his soul-selling agreement.

Then the devil asked for Wang Joon's wishes that had to be fulfilled according to the agreement. Wang Joon started asking his wishes one by one.

First, he asked for the set of special rhythms, secondly, he asked for his youth & third wish was to kill his wife hearing the last wish devil gave a grim smile & used his powers to fulfil them.

As promised Wang Joon became young & cheerful & when he took his violin to play it he was able to play a beautiful rhythm that no one was heard off & his voice was also changed to

something extraordinary.

After happening of these events he jumped in joy but inside devil's mind something else was going he knew his future & by fooling Wang Joon he had obtained his soul too & he left.

Wang Joon happily went back to his village as people came to see the young Wang Joon they were shocked & amazed.

Wang Joon reached the centre of the town & started playing his violin,

the notes he played on his violin was that much beautiful that the news about Wang Joon violin skills reached majesty in a few moments.

As he stopped playing the violin at the same time his neighbour's came that way & they gave the news of his wife died because of starvation.

When he heard she starved he started asking his neighbour the details & neighbour said,

she was waiting for Wang Joon for these many days without eating & drinking & the last words for Wang Joon from his wife was "I Love You & I miss you a lot Wang Joon".

After hearing these words from the neighbour Wang Joon's heart broke into pieces & he said to the neighbour that, "I thought that she left me & gone because we were poor".

At that time he remembered that it was his wish which he asked the devil & it was a trap by the devil & he knew all of these things.

Realizing all his mistake he started crying in a loud voice but it was too late.

Suddenly the majesty came to the spot & ordered him to showcase his violin skill despite being sad Wang Joon was forced to play the violin for the majesty.

As the highness heard the notes he liked it at the extreme level & he ordered Wang Joon to play the notes for him continuously.

His notes was that much fascinating that highness didn't care about the time he made Wang Joon play the violin for several days putting him in starvation state & as

the fourth day approached Wang Joon started feeling dizzy & while playing he ran the bow over his neck by mistake due to the deep cut occurred by the bow on his neck because of

the extreme loss of blood he fell down & died on the spot.

And meanwhile, the devil appeared & as per the agreement he took his soul went to hell to give punishment for his bad deed where he was later turned into dust.

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