There was a Girl.
There was a Girl. suicide awareness stories

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There was once this girl. This story is about what bullying, abuse, and negative self talking can do to someone. It may be more depressing than anything that I ever posted, but I hope you like it.

There was a Girl.

There was once this girl.

She wouldn't hang out with the other kids

because, well,

because she needed to stay away.

But every night she'd lie in her bed

and look at her calendar.

Just a few days more.

And then she'd look up at the ceiling

and whisper some words

of negativity.

Those words echoed in her mind

as she drifted off into a light sleep.

Nobody knew what she'd whisper

or what she feels.

Mean kids at school stayed away from her

and called her names.

She had gotten beaten up before

by one of the bullies

who never understood her.

But it seemed like she was distant

from every kid at the school,

and those kids didn't know what to do.

And at night,

she'd look at the calendar,

and whisper those words.

Until one night

she didn't.

She just lied in bed,

and tears that shined like diamonds

streamed down her face.

That night

she whispered

different words.

Words that wouldn't echo

in her mind.

These words

gave her a type of peace.

She pulled the sheets off of her

as she walked towards the window.

The girl watched the night

peacefully stand still

with no care in the world.

The girl gave a smile.

She hadn't smiled

in a long while.

Her smile

didn't last for long, though,

because she fell

back to sleep.

Though this sleep was deeper

than any sleep before.

NOTE: I am not suicidal but this is to raise awareness of people around the world who need help and are committing suicide, and being bullied or abused.

I will say, if you are there for someone and help them through their hard times, it will pay off in the end. You guys are amazing! :D

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