Love Can't Be Denied.
Love Can't Be Denied.  pansexual stories

whispers Falling isn't fake, it's a feeling.
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A nice poem- I tried rhyming- about LGBTQIA+ and how people feel and share their thoughts about it- remember: be open! All of you are amazing, and if you have any questions, please ask me about it!!! :)

Love Can't Be Denied.

There are so many people

who watch the parades

and talk, disgusted,

of how people's feelings for someone

are displayed.

There's no definition

of love,

and how hearts break,

so why tell them

that they have to fake?

Faking sexuality,

may end up with brutality

between relationships

of any kind.

So please,

use your mind

and be open with

people who have

different beliefs than you.

Liking someone your sex,

or being a different gender

than you were before

is not something you can surrender.

So again,

be open

and remember to not

slam the door

when somebody tells you something.

Because they are the same person

you knew before,


NOTE: Hello! I would like to come out here, and guess what?

I am Pansexual and Non-binary!

I am sorry if this poem offended you in any way, obviously I am not trying to force you, but encourage you to be more open-minded about how people feel with their sexuality!

If somebody tells you that they are a different gender than you thought, please use the right pronouns!!! Thank you and bye! :)

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