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A loop poem. Kinda messy. Just another depressing thing by me. Hope you enjoy yourself as you read it.

Loop Poem

Gone is the rain that pattered on my window

Window closed, hard to breathe.

Breathe shallow and fast

Fast heartbeat, memories of my past

Past events make me wanna fly away

Away seems okay, if you land where you want

Want to hear my dangerous thoughts?

Thoughts come and go, my window still closed.

Closed in by walls, why did I do this?

This is terrifying, get me out of here.

Here is where the walls start closing in

In my mind my thoughts are still racing

Racing time until these walls start to fade

Fade in and out, letting in the most trusted

Trusted people are rare to me

Me, myself, and I seem to be all that I need.

Need to be happy, does that make sense?

Sense is something all humans lack

Lack of trust, lack of care, lack of kindness

Kindness is something I haven't experienced much of

Of course, to anybody else my thoughts don't seem correct

Correct is something I haven't been in a long time

Time is running out

Out of my window the rain begins falling

Falling like my heart as I realize I am gone

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