Am I Selfish?
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whispers Falling isn't fake, it's a feeling.
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This poem is to anybody out there who feel like they are selfish about their problems, and that their problems don't matter, so they keep it inside of them. Thank you to all the special people who read it. :)

Am I Selfish?

So many other people

have been through more

terrible things than me.

So many other people

don't have stuff that I have.

And look at me here:

anxious and shaking

as much as leaves on a tree

in the wind.

Complaining about

stuff that has happened

in my life.

All I need to do

is push through

and pretend they never happened.

People have been through

much more than me

and yet I'm complaining.

I must be super selfish

if I am complaining.

So I'll shut my mouth

and not speak about

my problems

in this world.

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