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Hey! One more day until your birthday! @lavender_willow

1 More Day.

Hey! One more day until your birthday!

I don't know if you are even reading these letters. I'm doing them anyway.

How are you? I'm fine.

Uh, so a memory.

Remember one morning when we woke up to the alarm- so we awoke at the same time. We share a room.

Anyway, we woke up and you look up at me and I look at you and, with the straightest face in the world, say "Bah."

We started cracking up after a few seconds and I realized that it was funny. Haha.

I just want you to know how amazing you are.

Tomorrow is your birthday!

I love you so much.

And its over your head.


You're that short.

Anywayyyy... okay I got to go.

bye my friend!

Also your party is going on right now and I'm inside writing this :D.

I wasn't allowed to stay out.

Oops. Haha.


Okay goodbye!

Swedish: Hejdå!

Spanish: Adios!

Japanese: Sayonara!

French: Au revoir!

Chinese: Zàijiàn!

Latin: Vale!

German: Tschüss!

Russian: Poka!

Italian: Addio!

Arabic: Wadaeaan!

Korean: Annyeong!

Thai: Bāy!

English: Bye!

Okay! Bye now!

I literally found as many languages as I could.


Okay goodbye, sister!

Love you!

:D :D

:D :)

:D :D

:D :)

Okay goodbye, now!!! :)

:D :D :D :D :D

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