When can I call you mine?
When can I call you mine? love stories

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If only she knew

When can I call you mine?

Everyone says we'd be perfect together

Everyone's routing for us

So what's holding me back?

What's stopping me from telling you I love you?

I know you know but you don't know everything

You don't know how much your texts light up my day

You don't know how much your smile makes my heart skip beats

You don't know the sound of your voice takes my breath away

With time, I think we would work

But I still don’t think I'd ever be good enough for you

You deserve the world and nothing less...

So what am I doing chasing after you?

I hope one day I can look at you and say;

"Wow, she's mine. I'm dating the definition of perfect!"

No one can compare to you

And no amount of worlds can describe the love I hold for you

No matter what happens:

If we date, if we fall out, if one of us dies

I will always, and I mean always, love you


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