Are you coming back?
Are you coming back?  relationship stories

whiskey This is a safe place
Autoplay OFF   •   2 months ago
Bro I’m so confused with life right now

Are you coming back?

I keep seeing all these messages

Most relate to her

But some relate to you

The initial matches yours but it just doesn't feel right...

I keep wondering if I should text you but I fear I'll be making a fool out of myself

My love followed you and you followed her back unknowing to who she was

Are the signs right, are you coming back?

Or am I still hung up on you

We had fun, your friends like me

The last time we were in touch you told me they missed me

I don't know where to go from here

I'm leaving the universe to do it's thing but I need some guidance, I don't know if I want you back...

If you come back, will I be glad? Or will I wish you never did...?

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