The Christmas Eve
The Christmas Eve romance stories
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when_she_writes Hi there!! I'm Theon, an aspiring writer
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I wrote this story when I was a fifth grader. I'm very new here, I dunno much about Commaful but I'm sure that I will do my best. This is a story bout a boy who was kidnapped by a gang and then adopted by a rich couple... After leaving his past, he turns to his future, when he develops into a spoilt child. After some years, he falls in love with a girl. When they come to the commitment of marrying, they both get to know about a heartbreaking truth. Find what that truth is in this amazing thriller and romantic story. Hope y'all like it!! < br/>< br/>Well, have a great day ahead! < br/> -Theon Xx~

The Christmas Eve

by Theon

"Ryan!" "Yes mommy!" "What the heck are you doing in the storeroom?!" This was the the conversation between me and my mom everyday! I used to just go there and I start thinking about something

My mom and my twin sissy never understood this. But..., anyways, that day I wasn't in the storeroom. I was helping mom with the decorations of the Christmas tree as the next day, it was Christmas

My friend Tyler was also there with us to help. He lived in our neighborhood. It was nearly 6:30 pm & Amelia (my twin sis) & dad had gone to the market to get some decorative material. Mom went

In the kitchen to get some water. I was setting up the table and I felt a pull, like someone was pulling me! Then somebody pulled me and as I was just 4, they took me in their cab. I heard Tyler

crying to save me... "Mrs. Paul!! Please come out! They're taking Ryan away from us... Please do something. "

My dad was one of the best business leaders in the L.A. Maybe because of some ransom the kidnappers did so. It was 'The Scorpions' Clan ' who kidnapped me. They were the most noted gang in

Los Angeles. Our home in the north of Santa Monica was very much reputed because of my dad, Valter Paul. He was a very renowned person. At first, I thought that it would end like the old ones,

ones. You know, I thought that they have kidnapped me for some ransom. Maybe, at first I was correct.

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