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Part two of this short story about Levi and his secret crush

You: Part Two

He approaches the desk the next morning with a little trepidation. This is like killing an abnormal. But 100x scarier. "Good morning." He says quietly, waiting nervously for her to turn around. She smiles, delighted. "Captain, hello!"

"Trade you paperwork for tea." he says, holding the cup out towards her. He made this cup special, just for her adding flavors he normally doesn't add hoping she will like it. She seems surprised he's actually talking to her, much less offering her a cup of tea.

'Fuck, I hope she likes it.' "For me?" "Uh, yeah. I mean I thought you could use it, you look like shit." His eyes widen in panic.


"That's so...sweet of you, I guess..." She says, looking at him in confusion.

"No! I don't mean...I mean.. I think you're beautiful! I... oh fuck. I'm not doing this right at all. I heard you don't sleep. I can commiserate. I just... I'll go." Feeling like an utter ass, he turns to leave.

"You think I'm beautiful?" He turns back to her, embarrassed. "I do." And with that he's practically running down the hall. "Levi! You're papers!" He's gone.

'Fuck!' He's so pissed at himself. 'That was awful! AND I forgot my fucking papers!' Storming up the stairs to the officers quarters, he snaps at a cadet to go grab them and hurries to his room. 'What a mess.'

The next day, he heads towards her desk hoping one of her assistants will have his work. He really doesn't want to see her after yesterday's fuck up. No such luck, she's there and laughing gaily about something with her coworkers. Probably him. He wouldn't blame her.

"Hi captain, thank you for the tea yesterday it was wonderful." "Oh, thank you." he says with surprise, genuinely pleased that she likes it. "Nothing today."

"I'm sorry?" He asks, confused. "No paperwork for you today." He fishes around for something to say. Now that the ice has been broken somewhat between them, he doesn't want to end the conversation just yet.

'something clever! say something clever!' 'like what? you look like shit? dumbass.'

'witty!' 'funny!' 'flirt with her!'

'I DON'T KNOW HOW!!!!!' He mentally screams at himself, and then opens his mouth hoping nothing painfully stupid comes out.

"Nothing? But what excuse do I have for seeing you every day if not for the incident reports?" The laughter of her coworker has him all but wanting to run, but she kicks her under the table pointedly with a grin.

"Oh, looks like someone got injured." She says kicking her friend one more time for good measure. "Our daily meetings built on the pain and misfortune of others can continue."

He grins. "You should get that report to me ASAP." "Of course Captain." she says, smiling. Heading to his office with a grin, all Levi can think about is that exchange he just had with her.

'Well, I did it. I actually kinda had a conversation with the woman. Now what? Ask her out?' He cringes at the thought. 'Fuck you don't even have a clue what to do with her. Where would we even go?'

Sighing, he sits at his desk and distracts himself with a handful of scouting reports currently up for review. After a few hours of minimal work, and lots of distracted thinking, Levi walks downstairs making his way to the training room.

He's stopped by his favorite voice and his heart squeezes uncomfortably in his chest. "Captain?" Turning around he makes his way to her desk.

"Yes?" "There's a new tea shop that opened up just down the road, have you been?" "Not yet no..."

"Maybe you'd like to get a cup of tea with me tonight?" 'YES! YES!' His brain screams victoriously. "Um, sure that would be great." He says trying his best not to sound like an over enthusiastic moron.

"Well, what time would work best for you captain?" "If we're going to go on a date, you should probably go ahead and just call me Levi." he says a little bit shyly. "Is that what this is going to be? A date?" she asks coyly.

"What would you like it to be?" he asks. She just smiles again. "What time Levi?" "I'll meet you right here after your shift is over." he says. "Sounds great see you then." Smiling, she turns back to her work.

He walks away smiling. A genuine smile that feels odd, but wonderful on his face. 'Tonight, everything changes.' He thinks. 'Tonight I stop just surviving.'

'Tonight, I'm going to start living.' And it's all thanks to you.

The End

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