Memories of You: When the Past Comes Back to Love You
Memories of You: When the Past Comes Back to Love You aot stories

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This story is a "what-if", which I will give further explanation to in the introduction

Memories of You: When the Past Comes Back to Love You

Introduction: This is my first story in a while. I had actually gotten the idea for this while writing the previous story and this picture of Levi (OMG so CUTE) and Kenny is a big part of what inspired it. We know that Levi has no memoriesof his life prior to a certain age. What was he like?

Was he a relatively happy child? Did he have any friends, someone to spend time with when mom was working? What if that friend came back into his life years later, with a reminder that there is hope, happiness is just as much his right as anyone else, and that above all; he deserves to be loved?

Levi goes OOC quite quickly in this story. The fact is, he's bombarded with a slew of emotion right off the bat. He becomes kinda drunk on the idea of; and possibility of happiness. There is nothing wrong with this. Good on him. OOC is a dumb concept. Unless you plan on writing the character strictly as

represented by the original character, of course they will be OCC. It doesn't matter if you make a character fall in love quicker than expected, or give them some extra super power or whatever that fits your narrative, or even give then a realistic psychological profile that takes them way beyond what the original

writer intended. Any deviation from the original narrative is in fact, OOC. So have fun and play with the characters. Get them outside themselves. I've been accused of this by other fanfiction writers doing the exact same thing. LOL. Whatever. Enjoy the story or don't.

I can argue one thing as far as my intentions with Levi's character. It's very clear from interviews with Isayama that Levi really isn't any different than any other man out there. The problem with Levi is he's so self-deprecating; he honestly doesn't believe that he deserves the same things as everyone else.

He's never going to find happiness in the manga. At least, it doesn't look that way. So I'm going to roll up my sleeves and try to give this poor man what he needs. Sorry the rant took forever. Without further ado, the story....

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