Memories of You: When the Past Comes Back to Love You (Pt.8)
Memories of You: When the Past Comes Back to Love You (Pt.8) aot stories

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"Hello Captain.", the man behind him snarls and Levi steps back grabbing the man and throwing him over his head.

Memories of You: When the Past Comes Back to Love You (Pt.8)

"Levi what are you doing here?" She looks from the pack and paperwork he's holding to his face in confusion.

"Are you going to let me in?" She steps back hesitantly watching him set everything on the kitchen table.

"Levi?" He turns to her with a grin. "Where do I sleep?" "Excuse me?"

"Sleep.", He enunciates slowly. "Close my eyes and rest at the end of the day Heather." "Not here! Go home Levi!"

"I beg to differ Heather, half mine. Where do I sleep?" "You're such an asshole!" He doesn't answer, just stares at her and waits patiently.

"What do you think you're doing?" "Making sure you're safe at night." She rolls her eyes and stomps off to the rear of the house. "You're impossible!"

Grinning he follows and stops at the first bedroom he sees. "How about here?" He asks with a lift of his eyebrow.

"That's my room! You can sleep down the hall." Ignoring her he walks into the room, slowly looking around. "Big bed for such a little girl..." he turns to her grinning widely at her blush

"And you're not big enough of a man to fill it Levi. Get out of my room!" She growls, poking her finger into his chest with every word.

Laughing, Levi walks out. "No wonder you're single Heather." Furious she storms after him. "Oh yeah, well let's take a look at why you're still single Levi! You have all the personality of titan crap!"

"Titans don't crap Heather." "Exactly! You have no personality!" "Huh, I guess that means we're perfect for each other." He says, shutting his bedroom door in her face.

Groaning in frustration she storms back to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Coming out of his room a half hour later Levi sits at the kitchen table to get some work done. 'Is she ever coming out of there?' Rolling his eyes he brushes the thought off and continues to work.

One hour later:

He raises his head curiously at the clumsy noise coming from down the hall. 'She's finally coming out? Good. Can't avoid me forever.'

Again comes the noise, closer than the first and an ear splitting screech. Shit! Paperwork forgotten, Levi dashes down the hall and is grabbed from behind.

"Hello Captain.", the man behind him snarls and Levi steps back grabbing the man and throwing him over his head.

Not sparing him another second he dashes into Heather's room to find her up against the wall, clutching at her assailants hands futilely. Furious he charges in and pulls the man off of her.

Chopping his hand into the man's throat he kicks his legs out from under him, turns and sweeping high kicks the man who has just entered the room in the face.

He grabs them both by the collars, pulling them out of her room. "Lock the door!" he growls and she complies, terrified by the sounds of the scuffle right outside her door.

It only lasts for a couple minutes and then all goes silent. "Levi?" she calls out softly. No answer.

She creeps towards the door cautiously, broom in hand. "Levi?" The door creaks open...

WHACK "Ow fuck woman!" "Levi!" Dropping the broom she rushes to help him up. "Levi I'm so sorry!"

Standing up he grabs her by the arms, with pure fury in his eyes as he's pushing her backwards onto the bed. Pinning her down he puts his face directly into hers.

"This is exactly why I'm here!" "Do you think they would have tried this if you would have stayed away like I asked you to in the first place?" She snaps back, still sore about him being here.

"ENOUGH! Are you dense? I'm not going anywhere Heather, whether it is my fault or not I'm not leaving you alone!" "Levi..."

"Heather shut up. I don't want to be alone anymore and I don't want you to be either. Deal with it." His gaze softens and he rolls off of her, pulling the blankets over the top of them both.

Too tired and scared to argue about the current sleeping arrangements, she rolls over to go to sleep. Levi chuckles softly turning to face her.

"Hey Heather." "Yeah?" "Looks like I AM big enough to be in your bed." "Shut up Levi."

The noise and bustle of the underground surrounds him. Adults the size of titans to a young child's eyes walk past him hurrying to their adult destinations.

He spots her playing tag with a group of kids and walks over, grabbing her by the arm.

"Mine!" His little toddler voice sounds out firmly, and drags her away from the fun. She pulls back protesting. "Levi,my dolly!"

He looks back, noting the horse dragging in the mud. Walking into her small house, he grabs the horse and proceeds to the kitchen. Pushing a stool to the sink, he begins washing it.

"Levi! Come now, you're making a mess." (It's his mother's voice.) Drying the horse with the little towel he found in a basket under the sink he hands it back to her, blushing and proud.

"All better.", he says. She smiles gratefully and gives him a hug, causing him to blush further. "Gosh."

2am: Levi opens his eyes. Smiling he looks at the woman curled up against him. She looks so peaceful, and there's a little smile on her face.

Wanting to stay, but knowing that he should get up and get some work done, he kisses the top of her head and quietly slips out of bed.

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