Memories of You: When the Past Comes Back to Love You (Pt.6)
Memories of You: When the Past Comes Back to Love You (Pt.6) aot stories

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"She's not going to like this one bit. Hell, I'm not completely sure about how I feel about this either...." Smirking to himself, he grabs the letter and heads for the underground.

Memories of You: When the Past Comes Back to Love You (Pt.6)

A couple hours have passed, and Levi sits at his desk re-reading the letter a final time. Sitting back, he drums his fingers on his desk slowly.

"She's not going to like this one bit. Hell, I'm not completely sure about how I feel about this either...." Smirking to himself, he grabs the letter and heads for the underground.

Jolted awake Heather runs for the door concerned, but also a little irritated. It's 12AM, who the fuck? She opens the door and Levi brushes past, inviting himself in.

"Oh please", she states sarcastically. "Come on in. My house is your house." He laughs outright at her statement, and sits at her kitchen table.

"Levi, why are you here?" "How much do you know about the contents of that box?"

"The pictures are the only thing I ever saw, why?" "Did your mother ever talk about it?" "Just that I would see it's contents when I turned eighteen."

"You didn't think that to be strange? Did you see it then?" "No. I forgot all about it until I found it in the attic, and returned it to you immediately....Levi, what is this about?"

He places the letter on the table, and she finally sits; giving him a questioning look. "Read it for yourself.", He invites, watching her intently.

She reads through it, saying nothing until she has read it twice. Pushing it across the table to him, she crosses her arms and shakes her head.

"Arranged marriage is not legally binding, Levi." "But a will is...." "So what, Levi! We are the only two who saw this. Nothing in it needs to be followed."

"Both our parents signatures are on this. I am named a co-beneficiary to this house, and the family business. We should have been married years ago."

She gets up and storms out of the kitchen, yelling as she goes. "Get out. I don't want to talk about this again. Ever."

He catches up to her in the family room, and pulls her up against the wall. He pins her, and forces her to look him in the eyes.

"We'll talk about this now." She doesn't respond, so he begins again; speaking with deliberate calm. "I think you DID know about this, and that's the real reason you waited so long to return this shit to me."

"Furthermore, you hoped I'd be titan food by now, and you could avoid this altogether." "That's dumb, Levi. Believe me, if I saw this letter I would have destroyed it years ago. Also. I imagine my mom's ring is in that box as well. THAT I want back!"

Cupping her face in his hands he leans in closer, giving her a playful smirk. "I'll give it to you when you're ready to wear it for me."

"You have GOT to be KIDDING ME!" Jerking out of his grasp, she makes to move around him but he again blocks her way. "We barely remember each other! Do you Seriously fucking WANT this?"

"I was joking, Heather. But to answer your question, I don't know what I want. All I know is you've dropped some very overwhelming shit into my lap over the past few weeks and I don't know how to process it all.

Putting it all into perspective with everything else has been complicated. I want you to fit into my life again. I can honestly say I like the idea of being happy.

I really don't care what that means for us right now. I..." He chuckles suddenly. "Do you remember when I asked you to marry me?"

She's lost in thought for a moment, before her eyes widen and she claps her hands over her mouth. She bursts into laughter with a tiny snort at the end that causes him to erupt into amused chuckles.

"Oh god! You were so disappointed when I said no!" "Yeah, I was. I was so sure you'd say yes to me. Mom said it, so it must have been true. You know? I wanted it to be true....I can see us now, a dozen little brats running around, picking vegetables...." He gives her a playful grin.

"A dozen? Oh hell no! And I can imagine YOU fat and balding...." He laughs at the thought and pulls her close. "You are still radiant as ever."

"Levi, we couldn't have been more than four at the time. Why would you care about such things?" He shrugs, and moves in closer to stroke her face with the backs of his fingers. Nuzzling in to her with breath tickling her ear he speaks quietly, forcing her to pay attention to his words.

"I cared. For some reason, I cared. Life didn't care about my feelings, though. It was not too long after that mom took sick. But I did love you, too much for a little boy to understand. Did you not care for me too? Tell me."

She takes so long to answer that a worm of unease has found it's way into his belly, causing him to back away uncertainly.

"You were my best friend. Of course I cared about you..." "But you didn't love me?" "Levi, please...I was just a little girl."

Feeling like he's been hit by a titan's fist, he slowly backs away. "Alright.", he manages to choke out and turns on his heel to leave.

"What made you think you had any business being happy anyway, dumbass. FUCK! What the fuck is the point of any of this if all it brings is pain anyway?" He qrowls, stomping back towards the barracks angrily.

"Love doesn't give a fuck about your feelings anymore than the pain does Levi. You have to make it worth risking the pain. Is it?"

He turns around startled, and finds Hanji leaning against the tree by the entrance. She walks over to join him continuing to talk, and they sit at one of the benches at the entrance.

"Well? Does the promise of being happy outweigh the potential pain?" He gives it some thought before answering. "Yes."

"Then don't let one setback stop you. She'll come around. Do you love her?" He sighs, and looks away for a moment before continuing.

"She's special to me. I loved her more than a child my age should have. It hurt to hear that her feelings were not the same. I want her to be a part of my life again, I want to feel that way for her again, and I want her to want that too."

"It doesn't work that way. Levi, you're pushing too hard. You can't force it or it will only ever mean something to you, if it even really does. You don't want it to be one-sided."

"I caused her some trouble in the underground today, and I don't want her alone. I will be spending my nights there from now on."

"Levi! Did you hear anything I just said? Did you discuss it with her?" Hanji throws her hands up and walks away, stopping when she gets to the entrance. "This is not a captain/soldier situation. This is you on equal terms with someone. You need to treat her as such, and from the sound of it, you're not."

"Hanji, why would I forget her? Of all the things in my life, why something as good as this?"

She sighs, and with a look of sympathy comes back to sit beside him for a moment. "Maybe subconciously these memories were locked away because you didn't want them tainted by the shit your life became. You have this gift back now. Treasure it.

Don't destroy it by forcing her down a path she isn't ready to go. Levi, you certainly ain't ready either." With that, she heads inside not waiting for a response.

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