Memories of You: When the Past Comes Back to Love You (Pt.9)
Memories of You: When the Past Comes Back to Love You (Pt.9) aot stories

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'being miserable and angry all the time sure as fuck is a lot easier than whatever the fuck I'm feeling now...'

Memories of You: When the Past Comes Back to Love You (Pt.9)

Walking in the door that evening, all is silent. Making a quick sweep of the house and noting no evidence that anyone has attempted to break in again, Levi walks into the kitchen. Taking a moment to watch her, he leans against the door frame.

'you are the most frustrating, wonderful, headstrong, annoying, beautiful bitch I've ever known....'

"Oi." She turns from her scrubbing, startled. Blowing a lock of hair from her forehead, she turns back to her work.

"Oh how fun, my roommate is home." Rolling his eyes, he kneels down next to her. "What are you doing?" "Cleaning. Isn't it obvious?"

"You're not doing it right." He says, taking the rag from her to demonstrate. "Wring it out like-"

She yanks the rag from his grasp, spraying him with droplets of dirty water. "Grab your own rag and take your anal retentive cleaning habits somewhere else." Turning her back, she continues cleaning.

"You are such a bitch, I swear." Shaking his head, he grabs a rag. "And you're a pushy jerk who thinks he's entitled to my time."

Throwing his rag down in disgust, he goes to the family room and sits thinking. 'Fuck. This is going great. Maybe I should just leave the dumb bitch to her fate.' Startled by the loud bang of the front door Levi starts to get up, but stops himself quickly. 'Let her go, dumbass.'

'She might get herself mugged, what about that?' 'Only because of you, you blundering moron. You and your 'entitlement' to her time.'

Tossing his paperwork onto the chair next to him, he gets up and walks into the kitchen. She's out in her garden, he can just see her shadow spread out behind her. Breathing a sigh of relief, he starts rummaging through the cupboards for something to eat.

'being miserable and angry all the time sure as fuck is a lot easier than whatever the fuck I'm feeling now...'

She walks in about a half hour later to the smell of cooking. Good cooking by the smell, and peeking over his shoulder it looks good too. "Dinner?"

"Yep." He pours the entirety of the pot into his bowl, and sits down without another word. Sighing in disgust she opens the icebox, only to close it a second later with an indignant look.

"You took the last sausage?" Silently, he leans back and indicates the plate next to his bowl. The sausage. He takes a bite, and stares at her while chewing with deliberate slowness.

"Delicious." He says, and turns back to his stew. "How about you purchase your own food?" She says. "Do you think I can afford to feed us both? What was it you said? Half mine?

So why don't you fill half the icebox before you start helping yourself, you insufferable hog!" "How about you appreciate that someone actually wants to be in your miserable, spinster presence?"

Spinster? Did he just call me a spinster? "Yeah, you're right Levi. I guess I don't appreciate you enough." Wrapping her arms around him from behind, she rests her chin on his shoulder. She can feel him relax and continues.

"The least I can do is afford you one miserable sausage." She straightens up then, and walks out of the room. Looking at him from the corner of her eye, she takes a bite of the sausage and continues walking. He looks down. The plate is empty. "Delicious." She calls.

"Are you going to bed?" He asks, looking up from his work after about an hour. She doesn't answer him and continues past. He gets up to follow, and she shuts her door immediately, bare inches from his face.

"You know you can't ignore me forever, dumbass. Open the door." Nothing.

"Heather..." The door swings open a moment later, surprising him. Grabbing his wrist, she pulls him onto the bed and throws the blanket over their heads. Snuggling onto her side, she gives him an amused glance.

"Do you remember the times you got to spend the night here?" His recall of the time prior to his mom's death is still spotty and unreliable, and he sits thinking for a moment.

"Vaguely...." He replies, curious as to where this was going. "We told each other 'scary' stories one night. Well, neither of our stories were THAT scary, they sucked in fact."

She eyes him playfully for a moment before continuing in a ridiculous spooky voice. "Your story was called.... The Mold in the Corner!" She can't contain herself any longer, and bursts into gales of laughter.

"Hey! Like your ghost story was any better!" "Mold, Levi? Come on!" "Mold is disgusting. It grows, it spreads, it can get you sick. Tell me that's not frightening!" He argues, trying to keep the laughter from his face and failing.

"You could have made it like a mind control mold...." "Heather, what the fuck?!"

"A mold that turns it's helpless victims into mindless slaves...." "Heather....."

"Slaves who's only purpose is to feed the mold, and see to it's inevitable spread...." "That's it. I'm gone." Hopping off her bed, he goes to the door and stops to look back. "Told you you couldn't stay mad."

"And see? You're definitely not a big enough man to be in my bed..." She says, eyeing him playfully.

He stops at the door and slowly turns around. "Oh? Really Heather?" He dashes back towards the bed and she squeals, throwing the blanket over her head. Jumping onto the bed, he pulls the blanket down to look at her.

"I knew it. You don't want to sleep alone. You're scared of the mold, too!" Grabbing him, she yanks him down and throws the covers over them both. "Nah, I just figured you'd need me to protect you!"

Chuckling, he wraps her up in his arms. "And no matter how many times she cleaned it up...the mold...came...back!" She whispers menacingly. "Damn you, woman!"

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