Memories of You II: Given the Choice
Memories of You II: Given the Choice  aot stories

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Just an introduction to book 2. Read at your leisure!

Memories of You II: Given the Choice

Introduction: Due to the narrative, I would like to make a quick clarification so as to avoid confusion. Anytime you see text and/or conversation in parenthesis, this is unseen Levi and his spirit guide.

Yes, you read that correctly! This story is a big what-if. What if mom never died? Who would Levi of grown up to become if he never became a criminal? How does this affect two childhood friends, who were

sweethearts, whether they understood that at their age or not? Most importantly, if given the chance to do it all over....

What would his choice be? I like the idea of the fates in mythology. In this story, I use the Norse fate Urd as Levi's guide. This is an unapologetically short story, as the idea of at least 20 years of visiting the

past seemed not only tiring to me, but for him as well. I hope you enjoy the story, it was an absolute pleasure to write! Are you ready? Me too.

Then lets begin.....

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