Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Two)
Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Two) aot stories

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(What is this? It's so painful...but...good?)
(Love, Levi. And not just any love. Love borne out of passion and trust. Beautiful isn't it?)

Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Two)

Following the whistling young man, Levi turns to his guide. (Who's Heather?)

(You don't remember? She was your best friend before Kenny took you away, and the girl you're going to marry. This is what would of happened if Kenny would never have taken you away. If your mother would have lived. Watch.)

He follows her gaze. (This is the life you deserve.....) (He steps into his younger self once again)

He sneaks up behind her, and wraps her in a hug. Giving a startled squeal, she nearly drops her basket.

"Levi!" She exclaims,tossing her head back and laughing. He takes full advantage of the situation, attacking her neck with his lips greedily.

(What is this? It's so painful...but...good?) (Love, Levi. And not just any love. Love borne out of passion and trust. Beautiful isn't it?) (He's too overwhelmed to respond, and almost flies out of his body in fear)

(Experience it, Levi. Do not be afraid. With her, you never have to worry.)

"Hello beautiful." The amused glances of passerbys makes her blush.

"Levi,stop." She squirms out of his grasp and turns to face him with a smile. "Heading home?" He asks, taking the basket from her.

"Yes, finally. It's been a long day. But you, you are early...what's the deal?"

They are about to go up the steps, when he pulls her to the side of the house. This is where he first kissed her.

Though they were very young at the time, he always knew he'd be with her forever. Now here they are, a mere two years away from getting married and he's never been happier.

"I got the promotion." Eyes widening in delight, she wraps her arms around him and kisses him happily.

"I knew you would.." She gives a little jump,wrapping her legs around his hips. Having her this close is always a little maddening, as is the thought that he can't have her.

Not yet, anyway.They'll be married in a couple years,and he knows they must wait,but it's hard. So fucking hard.

They've come dangerously close to consummating their relationship so many times, but she always stops right at the brink, leaving him with the worst case of blue balls in the history of the walls.

Not that he'd ever complain about their rather heavy make out sessions...But he wants to,and he knows she wants to as well.But of course there's mother...

"Levi!" Comes her call from the porch.Just like clockwork.It's like she has this internal radar that goes off:

"Penis alert!Penis alert!"

"I hope you're not violating my daughter right now...."

They pull apart guiltily, both red faced and shaking with eyes that brim with desire. He clears his throat awkwardly.

"No ma'am" He calls, giving Heather a wink. She giggles and picks up her basket;coming around the corner.

"Hi mom!" "In the house young lady,it's late." "Goodbye Heather, goodbye ma'am."

She peeks quickly over her mother's shoulder. "Tonight" She mouths slowly,winks and heads inside.

(A little dizzy and overwhelmed with everything he just experienced,Levi shakes his head in wonder. "I wouldn't mind doing THAT again") (His guide merely laughs)

He spots who he was looking for immediately, and amidst a litany of "excuse me's" and "coming through's" he manages to navigate the crowd. "Farlan, hey!" Levi runs to catch up to the grinning boy, giving him a friendly clap on the back.

"Heard you're moving up in the world." "Heard right." Levi says with a grin. "Congratulations." "I can get you a job you know."

"Nah, I'm good with my life. Got a pretty big job coming up actually, good money and maybe even an opportunity to move aboveground."

(Alarms go off in Levi's head. Oh Farlan, don't do it. This job is going to get you killed) (you can't intervene Levi, I'm sorry)

(I can at least-) (look what you've done, Levi)

"Levi? What's the matter man, you look like you seen a ghost.." "I have a bad feeling about this job, Farlan. A very bad feeling."

"Well I guess I better pay attention." Farlan replies sarcastically. "Mr perfect has a bad fucking feeling. I don't have time for this shit Levi.

I've got people I'm responsible for and Isabel is still learning the ODM gear that YOU acquired for us. Don't get all high and mighty with your bad feelings. I'm doing this."

He walks away, leaving Levi feeling guilty and depressed. Putting his hands in his pockets against the night chill, Levi heads home.

(This shouldn't be happening. We didn't end up in the scouts until I was about 25) (This isn't the same life path, Levi. You have to remember, your mother being alive changes everything)

(I've doomed him either way, haven't I?Regardless which version of me, I fucked him.) (It was his fate all along)

(Lev- I mean I- fuck this is confusing, I seem like a pretty good kid, how did I gain access to odm in the first place? Why would I give it to Farlan? Fuck what a mess)

(It's already set in motion, and not why we're here. I'm sorry)

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