Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Three)
Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Three) aot stories

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(Levi! Get out of his body!)
(He leaps out panicked. What happened?)
(He dreamed what you were dreaming)

Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Three)

Unlocking the door to the little room he rents above the smithy, he takes a look around. Ugh, dust. You can clean a hundred times a day, but it still comes back.

(Nice to see at least something about me is familiar) Grabbing a rag, he sets to cleaning. Humming to himself, he pauses to squeeze out his rag.

(Squeeze it top to bottom, not sideways dumbass) He cocks his head, as if listening for the beat to a song you only half remember.

(Levi, I told you. You can't try to influence the course of events) (Why the hell not?) (Because, one thing you change; regardless of how insignificant it seems could change everything.)

(it's hard) (I know) Levi shrugs his shoulders and continues to clean,moving about his small apartment quickly and efficiently. Finally done, he washes up and crawls into bed.

The screams of the dying fill his ears, blood like the scent of rusted metal pervades his nose. On the ground are Farlan and Isabel's mutilated corpses. He's filled with rage, he grips his blades and...

(Levi! Get out of his body!) (He leaps out panicked. What happened?) (He dreamed what you were dreaming)

Levi bolts upright in bed, sweating and trembling. Gulping, he lets out a rushed, shaky breath.Getting dressed, he heads out into the night.

Tap. He waits a couple moments, before tapping again. Tap. Tap. The window opens, and without hesitation he crawls in.

"Ouch!" He bumps his head on the windowsill. "Shhhh!" Taking a quick, guilty look at the bedroom door, she pulls him down onto the bed.

(I feel like I should leave) (Up to you. Just be careful this time) "If mom wakes up, we're dead."

"Fourth and eighth floorboards creak. We'll hear her." "Levi? You're shaking. What's wrong?"

"I had the most awful dream. Isabel and Farlan...they...fuck." He takes a deep breath. "there were titans, and I don't know how to say it, but I felt like it was a memory instead of a dream. I-"

"Shh." She pushes him onto his back, kissing him softly. "It's over. It was just a dream and it's over." He wraps his arms around her gratefully and pulls her into a long, passionate kiss. Slowly,he reaches up under her shirt to cup her breast only to pull back startled a moment later.

"W-what are you doing?" (W-what is she doing?)

She's undoing his pants,and snuggling up against his chest she slowly begins stroking him. "Just relax, Levi." She whispers. "Do you know how much I love you?"

Fingers running gently through her hair, he closes his eyes and lets the moment take him. "I love you too."

(Poor Levi is experiencing it too,and it's like nothing he's ever experienced. Not just the pleasure, but the love that fuels it. He tries desperately to eject himself from his younger self, but can't.)

(I can't move! I need to get out!) (You can't) (I should have given...fuck!...given them their...their... He flies out of his younger self, rolling and hitting the floor.)

(He turns his back to the couple, panting shakily and trying to get control of himself. He feels guilty for being there in the first place,and he wishes that they had never come here tonight.)

They're snuggled up in the hazy aftermath of what took place, and Levi can feel himself drifting off to sleep. "That was incredible..."

"Well don't think you're going to be getting that all the time. I merely wanted to take your mind off that awful dream." She teases.

"It definitely worked...if only you'd let me return the favor." Grinning, his hands sneak playfully between her legs. "Levi!" Giggling, she rolls off of him and gets out of bed. "You should go before our luck runs out."

He gets up and stretches, groaning at the satisfying pop in his back. Grabbing her up for one more tender kiss, he crawls out the window and heads off into the night.

(Let's go over the rules again, shall we? No trying to influence your younger self or the situation he is in. Number two, let's just avoid being in his body while he's asleep, shall we?)

(I'm definitely going to stay the hell out of him when he's getting intimate, too. Now THAT was awkward.) (His guide chuckles. We're going to jump ahead a little-)

(We can do that?) (Yes, because what happens two days later affects young Levi deeply)

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