Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Seven)
Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Seven) aot stories

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This pic was sent to me by a friend. Anyone know who the artist is? Adorable!

Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Seven)

He's standing at the end of the walk, feeling more nervous than he ever has in his life. 'The house is bigger,another wing was added. Why?'

"Hello, darling!" Comes his mom's voice from the porch. Her hair is grey now,and her face a beautiful map of wrinkles that tells a magnificent story all on it's own. He grins happily to see her and proceeds up the walk.

Giving her a kiss, he sits down next to her. "How was your day, mom?"

"A little stressful. There's fighting going on aboveground, I can feel the tremors. It sounds like titans battling up there."

"We're safe down here,mom. We'll be okay." He gives her hand a gentle squeeze. She's so frail! 'Goodluck, Erwin.' He thinks to himself, and turns at the sound of the front door opening.


The little girl comes running and jumps joyously into his lap. A precious sweet little girl who is the spitting image of her mother. He hugs her tightly, tears threatening.

"I think little Isabel has been dying for you to get home. Probably sick of me and Heather telling her to behave."

'Isabel...' He thinks with an aching heart. Looking at her sweet face, he has never felt so fiercly protective of anything in his life. 'Thank you. Thank you so much for giving me this chance.'

"They said I was NAUGHTY!" She says this with some pride, causing Levi to laugh outright. "You? Naughty? Never..." He squeezes her tightly,covering her upturned face with kisses.

"They also said that you are an enabler!" She pronounces this new word with care, and it causes him to laugh all the harder. "It's true..." He whispers in her ear,and then turns to his mom.

"Where is everyone?" He asks cautiously. "Farlan is with his girlfriend, Jacob and Riley are playing out back and Heather is getting dinner ready. I tried to help her shell peas, but my hands..." She trails off sadly.

"It's okay mom. I'm happy to have you here with us,and so is Heather. No one expects you to lift a finger around here." She sighs with disgust, and turns to face him.

"Your uncle's friend came by today." "The fuck did she-" "Language daddy!"

"Sorry precious. What did she want?" He asks, kissing the top of Isabel's head. "Just to say hi to this fossil. And she left something of Kenny's for you. It's on your bed stand."

He sighs,places little Isabel down and stands up. "Alright. I'm going to go inside. I'll call you when dinner is ready."

"I wanna come too!" Isabel tugs on his pant leg, looking up with pleading little eyes. "Keep Grandma company, precious."

He walks in the house and takes a look around. Not much is different here,except for the addition of another wing.

'Four kids and my mom living under this roof with us. Who ever thought life could be this good?' Smiling,he goes to his bedroom. There's a knife on the bed stand.

A knife that, in another timeline was given to him at a much younger age. Beside this is an envelope. Opening it he begins to read.

Levi, If you're reading this,instead of listening to an old geezer flap his tongue I probably got my fool self killed. I always meant to give you this, but the time was never right. I also always wanted to tell you about our family, but the timing was never really right for that either.

I'll let Kuchel tell you why all the secrecy, but your last name is Ackerman. Take care dumbass, you've done a hell of a job at this life. Kenny

Folding the letter back up with a sigh, Levi heads into the kitchen. There she is. The love of his life. A little plumper than when he saw her as an unseen visitor, but to him; no less beautiful.

"Hey Beautiful." He wraps his arms around her and gives her a hug. "Hey handsome." She tilts her head back to give him a kiss, which he returns gladly. "I'm glad you're home." "Me too."

'More than you know,love. More than you know', he thinks and goes about grabbing dishes and silverware. He always likes helping with this part, and the clean up afterwards.

Sitting on the porch that evening he thinks about all the wonders fate has thrown at him. Love,his mom,three handsome boys, and that girl!

That sweet precious little girl! How in the fuck does one person get so much happiness? Will he be able to handle it? He takes a deep breath. 'You're doing good so far.' 'If you can face down titans, you can do this too Levi.'

But this kind of fear is different! Am I just like the Levi from this timeline? Or have I completely taken over? Do I exist in more than one place? Or? Fuck, this is confusing. Best not to dwell on it.

An alarming thought crosses his mind. 'If I did take over this timeline, can Heather sense I'm different?' As if summoned by his thoughts, she comes out to the porch with a cup of tea for them both.

"Isabel wants a story, daddy." "Well I better not leave the little lady waiting. Will you wait for me?" "Of Course."

He pecks her cheek before entering the house, and then proceeds to his daughter's room. She's in bed already, but waiting expectantly.

"Here daddy! I picked the story tonight!" "Hmm, 'Ms.Kitties Barnyard Adventure'". The part of him that actually had a somewhat normal childhood remembers this story well. 'Convenient',he thinks and begins to read...

"Daddy!You're supposed to do the sounds!" 'Ah fuck...are you kidding me?' "The sounds?"

She nods and smiles hopefully. He sighs and begins reading again... The bedroom door opens 10 minutes later. Heather pokes her head in cautiously.

"She asleep?" "Only just." "Your tea is getting cold."

He puts the book away and gives Isabel a soft kiss before shutting her door behind him. "The boys asleep?" "They are."

"Good." Grinning, he wraps his arms around his wife, and leads her to the bedroom. They never do get that cup of tea.

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