Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Nine)
Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Nine) aot stories

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Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Nine)

Epilogue It's only a half hour later, but it seems like a lifetime. Erwin is dead, the scouts took a serious hit, but the day is won. Looking down at the destruction below, he half listens to Eren explaining how everything unfolded to a confused Armin.

'I still ended up losing you anyway,Erwin.' 'This was your choice,Levi.' He turns his blazing eyes on the apparition standing before him.

'Can I go back to her now?' 'No Levi, you can't. The flow of time is not yours to bend at your whims.'

'Bullshit.' A smile slowly spreads across his face. 'I CAN have both,and I will. THIS is my choice.' 'You don't even know if she's married, or even alive in this timeline...' 'She is. I feel it. Goodbye.'

He turns to Hanji then. "Get everyone back to the barracks. I'll meet you there." "Where are you going?" He doesn't answer.

'Levi!' His guide screams in rage. 'Levi!' Heart pounding, Levi races down to the underground.

He sees her almost immediately. His beautiful love. The woman he will marry. Filled with a mixture of fear and excitement, he slowly approaches.

'Will she remember me from childhood?' "May I help you carry that?" She turns and gives him a friendly,but cautious look. Noting the uniform, she relaxes somewhat. "You may, thank you."

He takes the basket from her, and they walk in silence. Finally her curiosity gets the better of her. "Do I know you, sir? I feel like I do.." They've reached her porch. Grinning like a fool, he answers her.

"Don't you recognize your childhood friend? If I kissed you in the garden,would you remember? If I beat Joseph Eadley to a pulp for stealing a kiss that belonged to me? How about if I told you we'd one day be married?"

She looks closer, and her eyes widen in delight. "Levi?"

His grin widens. "Levi!" Throwing their arms around each other, he picks her up and spins her around. "What took you so long?" She asks, voice trembling with emotion.

"I was lost. I'm here now." He kisses her.

"Forever." The End

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