Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Four)
Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Four) aot stories

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"Hey dumbass."
He sighs. "What do you want, Kenny?"
"I've got a job for you, shit for brains. Pay attention."

Memories of You II: Given the Choice (Pt. Four)

It's 1am and Levi is just leaving Heather's house. He's not tired, nor does he feel like heading home just yet. Farlan is probably up still, so he turns right down an adjacent alley and heads towards the house Farlan and Isabel currently reside in.

He stops in alarm however, at the sound of a scuffle and muffled voices. Creeping up quietly, he has to move into the shadows only seconds later when a group of scouts appear, leading Isabel and Farlan in cuffs.

It appears the "big mission" didn't go as planned. He begins to slowly back out of the alley when the last voice he ever wants to hear stops him.

"Hey dumbass." He sighs. "What do you want, Kenny?" "I've got a job for you, shit for brains. Pay attention."

"I'm not working for you. Not anymore. Find someone else." He turns away, a slight worm of unease in his belly. "That little lady of yours just gets prettier and prettier everytime I see her Levi.."

He turns back around, furious and wanting to spit in Kenny's contemptuous face. "What now, asshole." Levi mutters, defeated.

"Got some heat on me right now, otherwise I'd enjoy this little job myself. Just an MP I need silenced,nothing major." "Murder is nothing major?" Levi asks incredulously.

"Not when you're so damn good at it. And you are. Get it done." He tosses Levi an envelope, presumably noting his target and walks away, not waiting for a response. Miserable, Levi grabs the envelope and heads home.

(Oh kid, that fucker has his hooks in you even in this life. I'm so sorry. He turns in alarm to his guide. Does she know? Does Heather know?) (His guide doesn't answer)

The next day: "It's awful, just awful. They found his body on one of the lower stairwells. He looked like he was trying to crawl up to the surface and escape his killer." Shuddering, she grabs his arm and snuggles into his warmth. Face pale, Levi says nothing.

"Levi? Are you alright?" he says nothing and she continues. "It was that horrid Kenny the Ripper, I bet." Levi jumps in alarm.

"Levi, honestly. What has gotten into you today?" "I- I have to go, Heather. I'll come see you later. It's a nice day, we can eat lunch out by the garden."

She smiles and gives him a kiss, which he only returns half-heartedly. She cups his face and forces him to look at her. "Whatever is bothering you, I'm here." He turns and walks away, lost miserably in his thoughts.

(Poor kid. I almost don't want to know what happens next. He turns to look at his guide. I'm glad he has her.) (So is he.)

Later that day he returns, and as promised they have a small lunch out by the garden. The light breeze that kicked up is refreshing, and Heather is lying comfortably on the blanket they have laid out.

Levi is still struggling with what's on his mind, but she doesn't press; knowing he will come around to it in his own time.

Fidgeting restlessly,he finally turns to her. "What if I told you that Kenny has threatened to hurt you? What if I told you that he's forced me to do things for him to keep you safe?"

"Like what?" She asks, suddenly uneasy. His silence only furthers her unease and she backs away from him,trembling. "Tell me you didn't, Levi....tell me." He looks at her in so much pain, she turns and runs. "What's wrong with you? Leave me alone!" She slams and locks her door behind her.

"Heather,please!" Determined, he goes to her bedroom window, and after a few minutes of struggle manages to break the lock and slide it open. He crawls in,and takes a moment to collect himself before searching for her.

After a few minutes of searching, he finds her in her cellar. She's crying, and this only makes his guilt worse. He took a life, and he hurt her. He's never hurt her in his life!

"Levi, I'm so disappointed in you." She whispers, and this hurts him more than if she was to say she hated him. Even his unseen self, watching from the shadows feels his heart aching at this admission. Tears are piercing the backs of his eyes.

"I love you, Heather. More than my own life, I love yours. Everytime I tried to tell him I refuse, everytime I've tried to turn my back on him. It's you he uses,and we both know he would follow through with those threats."

He takes an uncertain step forward,and is encouraged when she doesn't back away. "I wish I could take back everything that piece of shit has ever blackmailed me into doing. Heck,Isabel and Farlan even got arrested because of me. Do you have any idea how that makes me feel?" He looks at her, eyes pleading.

"Oh, Levi..." She takes him in her arms then, and lets him cry it out.

(Shall we skip ahead,Levi? His guide gives him a sympathetic look.) (I'd like that, yes.)

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