Just in a Dream: Pt. 8, Awakening IV
Just in a Dream: Pt. 8, Awakening IV levi stories

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Dreams are a pathway to the heart

Just in a Dream: Pt. 8, Awakening IV

Sits up in his bed with a gasp, followed by a frustrated groan as he falls back to his pillow, face in his hands.

Dammit! She was just about to kiss me too! He gets up, scribbles everything into his journal quickly and then takes a shower. Is it his imagination? He can swear he smells perfume...

It's gone now and with a shrug he dries off, then gets dressed. Erwin is wanting to meet about the upcoming expedition this morning and it wouldn't be good to miss this one.

They might just have a plan for catching Reiner and Bertholdt. No he definitely doesn't want to miss this one.

The day is finally over, and looking at the paperwork sitting in a heap on his desk he groans.

I just want to sleep! Find her!

He sits nonetheless, and slogs his way through at least half of his work before putting his pen aside. Running his hands through his hair, he heaves a tired sigh and heads for the bedroom. He....

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