Just in a Dream: Pt. 6, Awakening III
Just in a Dream: Pt. 6, Awakening III levi stories

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Sometimes dreams and reality are the same thing

Just in a Dream: Pt. 6, Awakening III

He wakes up with a gasp. Giving himself a moment to collect himself, he wipes his eyes with the heel of his hand.

The necklace is still in his grasp.

He bursts out of his room, not caring about the racket he's making. "HANJI!!!" He strides down the hall quickly, ignoring the curious stares of the cadets peering out of their rooms in wonder. "HANJI!"

Her door is open before he even reaches her. "Levi, for crying out loud get in here!" She shuts her door the minute he's inside. Wrapping her robe around her a little tighter, she looks at him curiously.

"What's going on?" He slams the necklace onto her desk. "Is this real? Do you see it too?"

"Of course it's real. It's a necklace, why wouldn't I see it?" She looks at him curiously. "I found it on the battlefield. In my DREAM."

"Levi, you had to of found it earlier, then associated it into your dream. You're confused."

"Oh? So I found it, carried it throughout the whole battle, walked into the barracks, took a shower, got dressed, went through my WHOLE nightmarish nightly routine and never once let go of it? Never noticed it until I woke up?"

She gives him an incredulous look, eyes going to the necklace and back again. "Can I?" She asks, indicating the necklace. He nods impatiently.

She picks it up and examines it closely. "There's a latch, Levi." She says and he leans closer to take a look as she pops it open. His eyes widen in excitement.

"Her! That's her!" There's a small picture of you nestled in the left side of the locket. The right side is empty.

"Looks like the right side is meant for another picture..." Hanji shakes her head and closes the locket, handing it back to him. "Tell me about these dreams, Levi."

He spends the next 30 minutes talking, and as he does he actually feel a bit calmer. He can't get the nagging suspicion that all of this is real somehow out of his head, though.

"This necklace is one hell of a coincidence, Levi. I admit it. Why don't you try keeping a journal? Maybe we can piece something together if you write it all down."

With that he nods, and heads for the door. "Thanks Hanji."

He finds himself actually looking forward to going to sleep tonight. Hoping he'll find you in his dreams, he actually heads for his bed for a change. He finishes up his paperwork, and takes a quick shower. Having concluded this, he gets ready for bed.

He lets out a sigh as he slips beneath the cool, crisp sheets. 'This feel so good', he thinks as his head hits the pillow. 'I need to do this more often'. He rolls over onto his side, and grabs the other pillow; hugging it to him.

With an embarrassed start, he realises he's imagining it's you. With a shrug and a smile, he hugs his 'pillow/YN closer and drifts off to sleep. He....

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