Just in a Dream: Pt. 4, Awakening II
Just in a Dream: Pt. 4, Awakening II levi stories

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Waking up can be the hardest thing to do, Next to living, that is.

Just in a Dream: Pt. 4, Awakening II

He's up immediately, and with a growl of frustration he shoves everything off of his desk. "Fuck!" He shouts, turning and punching a hole in his wall.

"Fuck!" The agitation grows worse as he thinks about what just happened. 'I couldn't save her. Of course not! I can't save anybody! Fucking useless, Levi!'

There's a knock on his door. Opening the door in fury, his eyes meet Erwin's

"Meeting before today's expedition. Fifteen minutes." Erwin says, and walks immediately away. He knows when Levi wakes up like this, it's best to give him space.

He's calming down now. All it took was that simple reminder. Expedition today. He grins. He's going to kill them all.

He breaks ranks the minute the first group is spotted, moving from nape to nape with frightening speed.

"Isabel!" He slices. "Farlan!" He slashes.

"Petra! Oruo!" An unstoppable dance of death. Every name fuels his anger, and finally the last titan is in sight.

His rage intensifies. This is the one that took you away from him, he's sure of it. He's going to make it pay.

"That was reckless Levi, even for you." Erwin is saying to him as they walk through the barracks.

He chuckles coldly. He knows better than anyone exactly how reckless he was. He simply doesn't give a shit.

"Lose anyone? Complete our objective? If the answer to the first is no, and the second is yes; which it is, then who cares." He storms off towards his quarters then, uncaring of what Erwin's response will be. He's tired.

'what's it going to be tonight?' he thinks sarcastically. 'titans annihilate the entire regiment? That Eren kid turning on us? Oh! How about I finally fucking die and am done with this shit once and for all!'

His eyelids grow heavy, but he sits at his desk. As inviting as that bed in the other room looks, he just can't. He can't invite this shit in. All it does is give him heartache after heartache. He...

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