Just in a Dream: Pt. 2, Awakening I
Just in a Dream: Pt. 2, Awakening I levi stories

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Life is misery, closing our eyes our only reprieve

Just in a Dream: Pt. 2, Awakening I

With a strangled gasp, Levi's arms splay out stiffly; knocking everything from his desk in the process. With a groan, he rests his head back down on the cool mohagony before standing up and collecting the papers which he had scattered.

It's going to be a long day. Having only got two hours of sleep, of course doesn't help. He's used to it though. The endless march of days, seemingly like a nightmare on their own.

One dragging into the other. Training, meetings, paperwork. Repeat until insane. An endless stream of black tea to stave off the inevitable nightmares. His friends, his soldiers, his mom.....

He sighs and goes back to the endless reams of paperwork; the mundane salvation against sleep. He....

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