Just in a Dream: Pt. 10, Awakening V
Just in a Dream: Pt. 10, Awakening V levi stories

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When the fear of closing our eyes gives way to the promise of something better

Just in a Dream: Pt. 10, Awakening V

He awakens in tears, and also with the feeling that something is wrong. Bells clang in the distance, and he hears soldiers running past his door.

"Titans! Titans have broken through the wall!" He flies up from his bed and dresses hurriedly, grabbing the locket on his way out the door.

It was a long day, and a beaten Levi drags himself into his quarters much later. Sore, battered and bruised, he hisses as the cold water from the shower hits his wounds, and bathes quickly.

As quickly as his injuries will allow anyway. He feels stretched and mutilated as he eases himself into bed. Worried about the losses that might plague his dreams tonight, he closes his eyes hoping to only see you.

Please let it be Y/N, he thinks. Only Y/N. I want nothing else right now. This world can fucking hang itself. He.....

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