Deadly Desires Pt. 26 Hunting
Deadly Desires Pt. 26 Hunting aot stories

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Deadly Desires Pt. 26 Hunting

Argument forgotten, Erwin and Levi hurry out to the courtyard. Searching the soldiers milling about, they spot Sasha and make their way quickly over to her.

"Can you track her?" "I think so Captain..." "Then we head out immediately."

Erwin gives Levi a quick glance before departing. "Is this our fault?" "Doesn't matter. We just need to find her."

Hours of searching brings up nothing. The scant moonlight filtering through the trees yields very little light to go by, and soon the small group realizes they've gone in a complete circle.

"This is fucking hopeless! We might as well set up camp for the night." Levi throws his bedroll down in disgust and orders the rest of the group to do the same.

"Levi!" He sits up, disoriented and momentarily unsure of his surroundings. "Levi!" There it is again, off to the right. He gets up, and looking around can't mke out who is speaking to him. There, coming out from the trees. Kelley. Relief floods through him.

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