Deadly Desires Pt. 9: Examination
Deadly Desires Pt. 9: Examination aot stories

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He stares long and hard at her before continuing, "How is it you're so knowledgeable on the subject?"

Deadly Desires Pt. 9: Examination

Exactly an hour later, Kelley enters his quarters and places a huge pile of papers on his table. "That's a lot just on one plant..." "It's not. I wanted to give as much information as I could in the event this does turn serial.

Mission oriented Serial Killers: Kill as a means to an end Killing serves a fantasy need Pragmatic and focused Seeks to improve the world according to a biased and self serving standard

Target specific groups or individuals Rarely clinically insane Perfectionists and highly compulsive Often stable, gainfully employed and long time residents of the territory in which they kill

Plan meticulously and kill with quick precision May see self as an 'avenging angel' Age range 27-40 year old male; early 30's if female Use of poison is more typical of female killers, but is not unknown with males

"Interesting...and what if it's not a mission oriented killer? What if the killer has other reasons?"

"Power and control killers wouldn't use something as subtle as poison. Thrill seekers, will kill anybody so if the killings are random and don't fit a pattern that could be a possibility.

Visionaries believe they are being guided by a higher power, and leave deliberate messages at the scene. At any rate, we won't know unless it happens again....but my gut says mission oriented."

He stares long and hard at her before continuing, "How is it you're so knowledgeable on the subject?" She looks up in surprise. "I told you before, I'm an information junkie."

"Kelley, you conveniently have a book on poison, you know all this information about who the killer could be not to mention what they're probably have some damn suspicious's about time you give me some answers."

"You have my gear??? What the fuck! Where is it?" "Somewhere safe, and you will not see it." "Fuck you!" Getting up from his chair, he grabs a very surprised kelley and tosses her onto the couch. As he sits down, she tries to get up but he grabs her arms and forcibly holds her there.

"Levi, why would I help with all this if I was some murderer?" "I never said you were." Laughing sarcastically she eyes him defiantly. "Yeah, you did."

"Look, if anything that's the last thing I want to believe. I need you to understand, I can't let these questions go unasked." She doesn't look at him, and he sighs running his fingers through his hair.

"Tell me about your gear." "The fact that I HAVE gear is only a repeated fact for me. Something I only know because the MP's asked me the same damn thing."

"Why did you come here? Why were you outside the walls?" She's silent for a long time, and watching her closely he begins to second guess his earlier assumptions. 'She looks something is buried in her thoughts and she knows it's there but can't pull it up close enough to identify what it is.'

Not liking the way her fists are clenching and unclenching, he grabs her hands, trying to make them relax. "Kelley..." Her attention snaps back to him, and her expression softens. "Can I at least see the gear I supposedly brought with me?"

He sighs. "Not yet. I can see you don't like this, but for" She sighs and stands up. "Where are you going?" "Back to my room if you don't mind. I'm tired, and tired of this too....unless you plan on keeping me here to keep an eye on me.", she finishes sarcastically.

Pulling her back to the couch, he sits for a moment deep in thought. 'I really should. A part of me does think she may have something to do with this, I don't want this to be true. Why is it so damn important to me for her to be innocent?

Having her out of the way would be so much easier for me.' "Levi?...Levi!" "Huh?" "What are you doing?" His arms are around her, and he's stroking her hair. He pulls back immediately. 'so much easier'

"Go. Leave." She gets up and leaves without another word.

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