Deadly Desires Pt. 8: Information
Deadly Desires Pt. 8:  Information aot stories

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'It's time I got some answers from you, Kelley....'

Deadly Desires Pt. 8: Information

'Well', Levi thinks to himself 'that worked out in my favor...I had an excuse to be in her room and she conveniently was able to help me out with the underground trouble. Why would someone want to murder a prostitute?

How is it she's so knowlegeable about this stuff? What's with her gear? I'm going to have to ask her about bothers me. And why do I want to go back to her room?'

The next day is spent questioning patrons of the brothel, and coming up with literally nothing. Frustrated, he heads back to the barracks and finds Kelley in the library, the poison book and several others strewn about the table.

"Find anything useful?" "Tch," "Indeed...I'm guessing monkshood.' Pointing to a picture of the plant, she continues. "It can be absorbed through the skin, but would need to be very concentrated to cause death.

The scent is my biggest indicator, as it causes respiratory and cardiac problems that would be hard to pinpoint without opening up the body and testing tissue."

"Disgusting." She giggles. "Did the victim have any 'visitors' that night?" "None that anyone could recall. Gather up what information you have and we'll hand this back to Nile. I don't see what else we can do."

"Hopefully this is an isolated incident, although if another lady of the night comes up dead it could lead to more clues..." "You think?" "Sure, if the killer is mission oriented then we'll see a continuation in pattern...same victims..."

Levi sits thinking for a moment. "Alright", he says standing up "Come up to my quarters in an hour." He leaves and heads upstairs. 'It's time I got some answers from you, Kelley....'

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