Deadly Desires Pt. 7: Demise
Deadly Desires Pt. 7: Demise aot stories

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"A sickly sweet aroma around those scratches..poison."

Deadly Desires Pt. 7: Demise

They stop at her quarters first, and she grabs the book that she has currently been reading. "I feel I'm going to need this." "Just why are you reading a book about poisons anyway?" She shrugs. "I'm an information junkie. Let's go."

Leading her through the quiet streets, they approach a stairwell descending into darkness. "This leads to the underground. Follow me."

"Charming." Walking through well-lit streets, they come across a large building, filled with singing and loud raucous laughter. "Where are we?"

"A brothel.", he says with disgust "Come on." Approaching the entrance, they have to move aside as two bodies come crashing out, spitting curses and grappling. Levi notes the grin on her face. "Nothing about this place is amusing."

"To you maybe", she says watching the fight with interest. "Would you just come on, already? I want to get this over with." They enter the establishment, and quickly locate the barkeep. "Last door on the right." He says, pointing up a nearby stairway.

Hearing this, Levi pales and slowly heads for the stairs. "Levi, what's wrong?" He ignores the question, and continues up the stairs. The room stinks of death. Moving to the bed, Kelley kneels down and proceeds to examine the body. Levi stays in the doorway, unwilling to go any farther.

After a few moments, she calls his name unsuccessfully. Seeing his gaze fixed at the foot of the bed, she looks but sees nothing of importance. She calls his name, he still doesn't answer. Standing in front of him to block his view, she cups his face in her hands and whispers his name. He jumps, then backs away.

"Are you done?" "What's wrong?" Saying nothing, he turns and walks away. Sighing, she follows. "What did you find?' "A sickly sweet aroma around those scratches..poison." "Any idea what kind?"

"Not without cutting into the body, but here's the thing. Based on what I could's not a local plant." Raising her hands in defeat, she shrugs and shows him her book. "Several possibilities are listed here."

"So it was murder..." "Yes, definately. I want to know what happened to you in that room, though. That's what I'm concerned with right now." Sighing, he stops. "That was where my mom and I lived." turning his back, he enters his quarters shutting the door behind him.

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