Deadly Desires Pt 6: Observations
Deadly Desires Pt 6: Observations aot stories

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"What a pleasant surprise...Levi in my bedroom...surely I must be dreaming." she says with sleepy sarcasm.

Deadly Desires Pt 6: Observations

An hour later, Levi quietly unlocks her door. Walking quietly towards her room, he stops to examine a book lying on her coffee table. "A Guide to Poisonous Plants and Cultivation" he whispers, reading it outloud. Placing the book back where he found it he walks into her room and finds her asleep, as he expected.

'why are you even here, need to stop worrying. She's asleep, she's not up sneaking around doing god knows what. What were you even expecting to find? You have all her equipment hidden in your closet..' He moves closer to the bed, watching her sleep. 'why are you here? who are you, really?

i feel like there's a secret to be known here, and i WILL uncover it...' Sighing, he sits quietly on the edge of her bed.' 'admit it Levi, that's not the only reason you're here and you know it' Face reddening, he slowly starts to get up when he hears her shift in her sleep.

"What a pleasant surprise...Levi in my bedroom...surely I must be dreaming." she says with sleepy sarcasm. 'shit, what do i do?' "Just get up, I need you." "And he 'needs' me...this just keeps getting better and better.."

"God, you are such a bitch." "Awwww! Thanks for noticing!" She exclaims smartly, and gets up out of bed. Eyes wide, face flaming red Levi turns his back. 'oh god, i can see right through that!'

"What's the matter? Have you never seen a woman before?.....No? You're so adorable, go wait in the livingroom please." He leaves quickly, feeling more embarrassed than he ever has in his life.

'she fucking caught you, idiot. and now what...need her for what? you better think, Levi you're going to have to tell her something...gods what a freaking mess!' His face is immediately red again as he thinks, 'please for the love of God don't notice how turned on I am, that's all I ask...'

"Well? What did you need?" He turns around and sees her thankfully in more appropriate attire. "Just come with me.", he says turning and heading to the door quickly. They enter his quarters and he sits at his desk, indicating the chair across from him.

"Levi what is this about?" He hands her the file Erwin gave him, and she begins to read. He sits watching her, waiting for her to finish. "These marks...." she says, indicating a drawing which was included in the file. He leans closer, taking a look. "Well? Does that mean anything to you?"

"The scratches are superficial...hardly deadly. Still..." She gets up and goes to the window. Arms crossed to ward off the cold, she looks back. "How long ago did this happen?"

"A couple days ago." "Would they of disposed of the body, yet?" "Maybe.." "I need to see it."

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